Online Psychotherapy


Destined for those who do not have access to psychotherapy in their home area, online therapy can support people who are:


  • abroad, where psychotherapy in the native language is not possible;
  • in small communities in Romania where confidentiality could be considered a difficult condition to achieve;
  • in areas where there is no psychotherapist educated and supervised according to the specialization, who can sustain a therapeutic relationship for the benefit of the client;
  • in a state of health that does not allow travel to the specialist’s office.

Deployment conditions

  •  the sessions take place through the Zoom platform which can ensure confidentiality and a good online connection.
  • the possibility of the online therapeutic approach will be evaluated and if it is beneficial for the client

Sessions can be scheduled by phone at +4 0740308501. If I am in a session, out of respect for the person in the office I cannot answer, and I will call as soon as possible. 

If you live abroad or in another city outside of Bucharest and you want to work together through the online system, you can use the form below: